The coaching relationship must be grounded in trust and security because the process asks you to be vulnerable. Once that safety in our relationship is established, I will challenge you. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but that’s the place where change and growth can happen. As they say, high pressure makes a diamond.


After 20 years in public relations, I found myself in what I call the career cul de sac. I had reached the highest title in the account management hierarchy and, unless I wanted to start my own agency or move into operations, the best I could hope for was to continue managing accounts and teams until retirement. There was plenty about PR that I relished, but I felt the major challenges and learning opportunities were behind me.

But the thing is, I'm a lifelong student at heart who thrives on new learning. And I'm a communicator. I have always been interested in verbal and artistic expression. I received my BA in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and later returned to graduate school to earn an MFA in Poetry from Brooklyn College. Yet I still struggle to find the motivation and time to keep creating. But just like my clients, I continue to work toward my goals.

I  am a diplomate in Advanced Coaching, New York University School of Professional Studies. I became a certified coach, in part, because coaching draws on my skills to the service of others.

I believe we are all a work in progress. The moment you think you’re “done”, well, you’re done. So keep striving for the next level. Stay curious and keep challenging yourself. Something, somewhere, will click.